A state-of-the-art Fill/Finish CMO located in the healthcare hub of the Pacific Northwest

A reliable supply of your products is critical to the health of patients. At Selkirk, we know that your partner CMO is essential in manufacturing product to meet your patient's needs. Selkirk can help you maintain a reliable supply by making your products in a facility that uses the most current filling technology with automatic data acquisition and digital quality management systems.


What We Do

Liquid Vials
Clinical & Commercial

Our Partnership Philosophy

Your products are our products, your patients are our patients

We believe that the safety and availability of drug products are the most important priorities for our clients. We work with every client in a partnership model that relies on the active engagement and accountability of all team members to make certain these priorities are fulfilled.

Our Facility

Purpose built contract manufacturing facility with unidirectional flow throughout

  • Fully integrated, high yield, Bausch + Strobel VarioSys flex filling lines
  • State-of-the-art SKAN isolator system
  • Dedicated compounding rooms for each flex filling line
  • 15,000 sq ft of controlled temperature and refrigerated storage
Our facility
Our Capabilities

How can we help you?

  • Validation of analytical test methods
  • Microbiological, sterility, bioburden, B/F, endotoxin testing
  • ICH Stability testing
  • Real time QA review and automated data acquisition
  • Fully integrated inventory, and QMS Systems
Our capabilities
Our People

The Selkirk Team

Selkirk is fortunate to have a team that is comprised of talented, dedicated, multidisciplinary professionals. On average, our employees have over 20 years industry experience. We enjoy our work, appreciate where we live and are grateful for the opportunity to be part of an industry that makes a difference in people's lives.

About us

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New capacity available 2022