Our team is the nucleus around which everything else in our company is built

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Our Values


We can work through anything if we are totally honest with ourselves and each other. Sincerity is more than just telling the truth; it’s an uncommon embrace of reality that often requires the courage to be vulnerable.


So many good things come from gratitude. Dedication. Patience. Generosity. Positivity. Kindness. Perspective. It’s the opposite of entitlement, insecurity, and greed. We try to be actively grateful every day.


We expect to lead the industry in every operational metric. History, and our own personal experiences, remind us that to accomplish this (or any lasting achievement in science) we must be humble and self-aware in pursuit of our goals.


We intentionally bring an uncommon energy to every aspect of our work.


Our team is the nucleus around which everything else in our company is built. This team was not formed simply as a means to achieve company goals.

Our benefits

Health and wellness, for you and your family - Competitive Benefits Package

"Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress; Working hard for something we love is called passion."
- Simon Sinek.

At Selkirk, our passion is to become the most reliable manufacturer of injectable drug product. If this aligns with your passion, this is the team foro you.

Protect your financial future - Competitive Retirement Package

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Work / Life balance
(for real)

At Selkirk, we realize you're only at your best when you can get away from work and focus on your family. We work with each team member to ensure time away is not a meaningless statement - it's part of our culture.

State of the art,
employee-centric facilities

Our facility was built by operators for operators. Our team understands the intricacy of a manufacturing facility, why would we go in any other direction.

We are all

Our stakeholders believed we could build it; We share ownership because we know we will.

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